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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Arsenal fans need to cheer Ozil from the rafters!!

Nigeriannews-It looks that Mesut Ozil is returning vulnerable from all angles at the minute, however the Arsenal fans ought to show our club record sign language that we have a tendency to square measure behind him all the approach with a rousing and determined show of support at the Emirates these days.

It looks to American state only 1 additional example of anti-Arsenal bias within the media, that Ozil has been consistently attacked ever since his early high standards began to drop. everybody is aware of this usually happens once a distant player involves the Premier League, however the media square measure additional inquisitive about sticking out the knife in to the Gunners.

It may be true that he has not been as effective recently, however compared to the likes of Lamela, Soldado, Fellaini, Jovetic, American state Bruyne and plenty of additional, the Arsenal man has had a really sensible debut season. Ozil could have taken the criticism slightly an excessive amount of to heart and he cannot are helped by obtaining booed by the German fans in time period, as rumored by the Daily Mail. the total European country team struggled however I actually have scan reports that claim Ozil was the most effective of the bunch, that the booing once he came off most likely stemmed from all the recent criticism he has taken from the English media and from former German internationals.

Ozil could be a foremost player and can be a hit at Arsenal for years to return. Today, though, we want him on type for a tricky game, therefore let’s check that he is aware of that the Gooners square measure totally behind him.


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